Cleaning the Trashcan the Right way

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on 12 April 2016
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Blog Highlights:

  • Lingering odors in the home after garbage disposal and a thorough cleaning probably comes from the trash can itself
  • Planning ahead and getting supplies ready is important for garbage can cleaning
  • A mixture of vinegar and hot water can be used in lieu of commercial cleaners and disinfectants
  • Using the wrong bleach and soap can create caustic fumes that can irritate your eyes and throat
  • Leaving the bleach on for a few minutes can help remove stubborn dried stains
  • Just because you’ve scrubbed the trashcan properly, it does not mean that it is now odor-free
  • Disinfecting the trashcan with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide after cleaning can help disinfect the trashcan and remove unwanted odors

Trashcans need a thorough scrubbing from time to time to help keep it clean and odor-free.
A lot of homeowners wonder why the house still smells weird after a thorough cleaning. If you have just cleaned the house and taken out the trash, there is a huge chance that the odor comes from the trashcan itself. If it has been a while since you’ve given the trashcan a thorough scrubbing, you can follow these simple steps so you can clean indoor and outdoor trashcans with ease.

Prepare your arsenal

Before you start working on the trashcan, make sure that you plan ahead and get your supplies ready. Think about what you want to use for cleaning, you can choose between chemical cleansers or you can opt for homemade concoctions.  You can mix vinegar and hot water if you want to use simple cleansers, but if you are fine with using something more commercial, you can buy soaps, bleach and disinfectants. When using bleach and soap, make sure that the soap is compatible with the bleach so you can avoid creating caustic fumes that can irritate your eyes and throat. You can mix soap and bleach in water first before scrubbing.

Dried and stubborn stains inside the trashcan can be very difficult to remove; this is why you might want to leave the bleach on for a few minutes before rinsing.  For stainless steel trashcans, experts say that stainless steel cleaners should be used. Experts also recommend cleaning the trashcan outside and making sure that it is air dried and towel dried afterwards.

Effectively dealing with the smell

Just because you’ve scrubbed the trashcan properly, it does not mean that it is now odor-free.

Odors might still linger inside the trashcan; this is why experts suggest that you should spray the trashcan with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide after cleaning. Doing so will help disinfect the trashcan, the spray is meant to help you get rid of microbes and it can also help remove nasty odors at the same time.

There is no standard timeline for trashcan cleaning. You can include it in your regular cleaning schedule or you can choose to clean the trashcan each time you empty out its contents. After cleaning and drying the trashcan, you can also sprinkle baking soda on the bottom to help absorb odors.  

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