10 Chores that you can do in a Few Minutes

Living Room

Blog Highlights:

  • When cleaning the ceiling fan blades, you can use a baseball cap to avoid dust from getting into your hair, as well as a pillowcase so you can clean the blades without making a mess
  • You can clean the garbage disposal once a month using ice cubes
  • When checking the fire extinguisher, you need to see if it has any signs of damage and if it still contains the right amount of pressure
  • Use a vacuum cleaner when removing dirt and debris from the refrigerator coils
  • Clamp the lawnmower blades into a vise and use a file to carefully sharpen the blades
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10 Home Repair Tips to Help you sell your House in No time

New Home

Blog Highlights:

  • When doing repairs and upgrades, keep in mind that you are doing a business transaction so you can avoid being sentimental.
  • Get a price quote for all the necessary repairs and make sure that you know when the job will start and finish.
  • Get rid of the clutter so the contractor can work efficiently and so that your house will look presentable.
  • Make sure that you also prioritize curb appeal.
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10 Important Tips that can help you Remove Irritating Household Odors

Women holding their noses


Rather than using deodorizers, you can use practical yet effective options to get rid of unwanted odors in your home instead, experts say

Baking soda can be used to clear up a stinky fridge as well as to help remove cigarette odors from fabrics

A HEPA certified vacuum cleaner and air purifier can significantly help reduce unwanted odors within the home

You can keep funky odors away from your coffee and from your dishes with the help of vinegar

Installing an exhaust in your bathroom can help slow down the growth of mold and mildew

 Does your house smell a bit stale, and musty?

Cold weather typically forces a lot of homeowners to keep their doors and windows shut for long periods of time. Doing so can actually cause the buildup of odors inside the home. Rather than spraying every inch of it with deodorizers and perfumes, our experts at Salt Lake City cleaning services suggests that you use these practical and more effective options instead.

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5 Frequently Forgotten Areas you need to Clean within the Bathroom

Clean Bathroom

Blog Highlights:

  • Areas in the bathroom that are left uncleaned can harbor staphylococcus and other microorganisms
  • Vinegar can be used to remove mineral deposits within the shower head and it can also be used to disinfect different areas
  • The toilet base is often taken for granted, not knowing that microorganisms can also thrive in this area
  • Shower curtains can be cleaned by putting it in the washer
  • Bathroom drains can be cleaned with the use of an effective, homemade mixture, experts at the Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City says

Many homeowners who are very diligent when it comes to cleaning their homes often forget to deal with a few areas, nooks and crannies within the bathroom.

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5 Things that you need to remember so you can Avoid Destroy your Dryer

Clothes Dryer

Blog Highlights:

  • Many homeowners do things that can unknowingly destroy their dryers
  • Operating the dryer can be very easy; unfortunately, even small mistakes can cause a lot of damage
  • Failure to remove lint on the lint filter and trap can cause the dryer to overheat and even catch fire
  • Having a piece of gum or crayon in your clothes’ pockets can cause a lot of stain and mess in the dryer
  • Dryer sheets can help make your clothes feel soft and fresh, but using too many sheets can gum up your dryer
  • Overloading the dryer can make your machine susceptible to fire and it will prevent the dryer from drying your clothes properly
  • Never try to put plastic, rubber, or foam materials inside the dryer
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A Set of Great Gift Ideas for those Messy Individuals in Your Life

Messy Room

Wherever you are in Salt Lake City the chances are that you can’t wait for Christmas! If you have a loved one that’s particularly messy, then you’ll undoubtedly want to take this gift giving opportunity to teach them a humorous lesson. We have a few great gift ideas that won’t just get your message across – they’ll actually be appreciated by your loved one too, so here’s a look at them now.

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Amazingly Simple Tricks that can Help you Deal with Nasty Odors

Women holding their noses


  • Having the right scents can evoke emotion, but staying in an odorous place can ruin your mood for anything
  • Simple items found at home can be used to neutralize odors in lieu of artificial products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins
  • Rubbing vanilla on a light bulb can help perfume an entire room
  • Baking Soda, Vinegar and salt can be used in different ways to help you get rid of different odors within the home
  • A reliable solution made from baking soda, water and hydrogen peroxide can help remove strong odors, even skunk smells

According to scientists, humans can recognize as much as 10,000 types of scents.

As amazing as it sounds, it can actually work against us. This is true especially when you have to deal with a smelly environment. 

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Can you use Dishwashing Soap for washing something more than Just Dishes?

Dishwashing Soap

Blog Highlights:

  • The dishwashing liquid is also known as the “duct tape” of the kitchen
  • Since it is designed to cut grease, it is perfect for cleaning different surfaces at home
  • It can be used to remove the plant oil found in poison ivy so you can avoid getting rashes
  • It can be used to soften callouses on your feet, and it can also help soften cuticles and remove oil from your nails
  • It can be used to clean shoes, and to soften stains on clothes
  • It can even help kill fleas on your pets and insects on carpets and upholstery
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Cleaning Different Types of Countertops the Right Way

Small Kitchen

Blog Highlights:

  • One needs to use different cleaning methods for different countertops
  • The water droplet test can help determine whether your granite or marble countertop needs resealing
  • Stains on granite countertops can be removed using a homemade baking soda paste
  • Marble can look elegant but it can easily have water stains or streaks
  • Some countertops do not require resealing
  • Damages on Butcher block countertops can be remedied by sanding
  • Stainless steel countertops are resistant to stains, but can be easily marked by rusty metal objects

Whether you have marble, granite or a wooden countertop, cleaning them effectively is important for your family’s safety and for preserving its beauty.

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Cleaning Glass Stovetops like a Pro

Glass Cooktop

Blog Highlights:

  • Reading the user manual or getting information from the manufacturer’s website can help you know how to clean your glass stove top properly
  • Make sure that you use cleansers that are not rough or too harsh so you can avoid damaging your stove
  • Never clean the stove immediately after use
  • Follow the commercial cleaner’s instructions carefully
  • You can make your own baking soda solution at home if you do not want to use commercial cleaners
  • Always test commercial cleaners on a small area of the stove first
  • Though the stove can easily withstand heavy pots and intense heat, improper cleaning can lead to irreversible damage
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Cleaning the Trashcan the Right way

Green Garbage Can

Blog Highlights:

  • Lingering odors in the home after garbage disposal and a thorough cleaning probably comes from the trash can itself
  • Planning ahead and getting supplies ready is important for garbage can cleaning
  • A mixture of vinegar and hot water can be used in lieu of commercial cleaners and disinfectants
  • Using the wrong bleach and soap can create caustic fumes that can irritate your eyes and throat
  • Leaving the bleach on for a few minutes can help remove stubborn dried stains
  • Just because you’ve scrubbed the trashcan properly, it does not mean that it is now odor-free
  • Disinfecting the trashcan with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide after cleaning can help disinfect the trashcan and remove unwanted odors
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Cleaning Tips you need to Know for Summer

Pool Toys

Blog Highlights:

  • If you are too tired to carefully trim the grass or cut the weed along the fences, you can opt to use herbicide on this area so you can save time
  • Window blinds can be removed from their brackets and hosed or sprayed outside
  • Instead of trying to scoop the pool oil, just throw in a tennis ball so you can easily get rid of the problem
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Cleaning Windowsills with ease

Interior Window

Blog Highlights:

  • Windows often get a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning; windowsills on the other hand, often get none
  • You can use a few drops of vinegar or dishwashing liquid to remove dirt and grime on the windowsills
  • You can use cotton swabs to remove grime on hard-to-reach corners
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DIY Drain Cleaner Alternatives

Cleaning Sinks and Drains

Blog Highlights:

  • A plumbing snake can be used to remove clogs within the drain, but it cannot be used to fully remove hair and debris
  • Many commercial drain cleaners contain harsh acids that can harm your health and damage your drain
  • Baking soda and vinegar can be used to sanitize your home and it can also be used to remove clogs
  • You can also use liquid dish soaps that contains enzymes to help breakdown grease and proteins, as well as loosen clogs
  • Similar to using liquid dish soaps, you can also opt to use powder detergents with enzymes to remove clogs; just make sure to flush it properly with hot water afterwards
  • Powder detergents are known to cause clogs in septic lines over time if it is not dissolved properly
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Etiquette Tips that you need to know when hiring a House Cleaner

Etiquette Tips for hiring Salt Lake City House Cleaners

Blog Highlights:

  • Homeowners should remove all the clutter before the cleaner arrives so that the worker can focus on the important cleaning tasks
  • You should also remove valuables such as jewelry, electronics, or other fragile items out of the cleaner’s way
  • Homeowners should know how to communicate to the house cleaners clearly and effectively
  • Before hiring a house cleaning company, the homeowner should do his or her research ahead of time
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Expert Cleaning Tips for Different Floor Types

Tile Floor in the shadows

Blog Highlights:

  • Different floor types require different cleaning techniques
  • Asphalt floor tiles should never be flooded when cleaning so you can avoid dissolving the adhesive and grout
  • Brick floors are very porous and must be sealed with a commercial sealer
  • Never use soaps, adhesives, or acids on ceramic floor tiles
  • Oil and grease on concrete floor garages can be removed with the help of kitty litter
  • Use wax paste on marble tiles with caution as they might cause discolorations
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Expert Tips for Cleaning the House Room-by-room

Living Room

Blog Highlights:

  • Without regular cleaning, the household cleaning tasks becomes more overwhelming over time
  • Dishes, sinks and countertops must be cleaned daily
  • Before buying the groceries, the refrigerator must be cleaned thoroughly so you can check available items, and so you can give your fresh food items a clean storage space
  • One of the biggest problems in living rooms or family rooms is the clutter
  • Toilets must be sprayed with the right cleaning product and you need to let the cleanser sit on its surfaces for several minutes for an easy cleanup and for better results
  • Cleaning linens, dusting surfaces, mopping floors, and vacuuming carpets weekly can help you get rid of allergens inside the home
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Expert Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy while you Cook

Small Kitcchen

Blog Highlights:

  • Home cooks need to deal with a lot of mess after cooking
  • By following these expert tips, you can minimize the mess and have more time to enjoy your meal
  • Prepare your ingredients ahead of time and clean as you go
  • Minimize the spread of dirt by keeping everything within your reach
  • Preparing your ingredients is the messiest part of cooking
  • Use the sink to your advantage
  • Be time conscious, do some cleanup while your food cooks
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Expert Tips on how you Can Easily get Rid of Lime and Hard Water Stains in your Dishwasher

Open dishwasher

Blog Highlights:

  • Lime buildups and hard water can damage your silverware and dishes
  • The dishwasher should be cleaned at least once a month so you can avoid the formation of lime buildups
  • You can use common household items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice to clean the dishwasher
  • The amount of vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice that you need to use will depend on how hard the water is
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Find out how to keep your Refrigerator Clean and Orderly

Dirty Refrigerator

Blog Highlights:

  • Before cleaning the refrigerator, you need to make sure that all the items and shelves inside it have been taken out.
  • You need to smell each food item and you need to throw away ones that have mold, as well as ones that have a weird odor, a slimy texture, or ones that have gone bad.
  • The fridge shelves and bins must be cleaned with warm water and soap, they should also be towel-dried afterwards.
  • You should line the bins and shelves with mats or with plastic wraps before placing them back in the fridge so you can make future cleanups a breeze.
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