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Your cleaning service is exceptional! Not only is your staff so professional and kind, but the feeling of walking back into our home after they have cleaned was amazing. They did an awesome job not only at cleaning, but putting things away! With 2 kids under 3, we had a lot of toys and junk around the house, and your staff did a wonderful job and putting things away in a practical manner. We will definitely use you again! I also loved the fact that I could text the sweet owner Chris with any questions, and she got back to immediately. BIG FAN!!! :)
Posted By: Lauren Snyder
I have had a crew in from Damestiques for three weeks. They performed an outstanding deep clean the first week, The second week they performed an equally thorough full clean of my home and the third week they cleaned just the main living area of my home-also very good. I have a large home and it had not been well-cleaned by my previous cleaners. Now it is spotless. The crew is pleasant and punctual. I could not ask for better service. I will continue to use the service on a weekly basis. What a relief to have Damestiques!
Posted By: Linda B.
Park City, UT
Overall I am very happy! Chris understood my need and got Anita right over to give me an estimate. It was a large expense for me but after an injury I hads been having a hard time keeping up the house with work and 4 sons at home. I actually cried when I got home from work last night to find my sweet smelling, freshly scrubbed and shined home that I loved so much before my injury. There were a couple of things overlooked but the amount of joy and help I had with everything including a badly neglected laundry room and areas that had not seen a vacuum in far too long. Even my miles of extension cords were all cleaned and untangled. THANK YOU
Posted By: Carole C.
Salt Lake City, UT
Damestiques is a very good cleaning service. The ladies are thorough and will do exactly what I want, based on the time I have requested.
Posted By: homeowner
Salt Lake City, UT
I am so happy with Chris and Damestiques! On a holiday week, they were able to work me in to their busy schedule- not once, but twice! The first clean they were running late and had to reschedule me for the next morning. They did an amazing job on my move out AND move in clean. The move in clean was on extremely short notice. Chris is very responsive to my inquiries. Great work, would definitely hire them again.
Posted By: homeowner
Salt Lake City, UT
I needed someone to help me clean a house the day before Thanksgiving. I was so surprised by the service and price. Do not hesitate to hire this group of professionals. Fantastic and quality service.
Posted By: Trudy N.
Salt Lake City, UT
These 3 ladies did in an hour and a half what it would take me all day to do. Sometimes our time is so much more valuable that our money. I will use them again!
Posted By: homeowner
Salt Lake City, UT
The women who came were efficient and courteous and did a great job. They are coming again!
Posted By: Charlene K.
Salt Lake City, UT
I have tried out a few maid services and this one was by far the best. I thought my shower bath tub was stained but they able to make it look like new again. No other services had even come close and they have been the only ones to clean underneath the bed and the closet floor.
Posted By: homeowner
Salt Lake City, UT
Very Good.
Posted By: Rosario L
Salt Lake City, UT

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