How do I post/remove a review?

  1. How do I post/remove a review?
    • Make sure you understand and agree to our review guidelines.
    • To post a review go to login to your account, click the Local tab. You will be redirected to the Local webpage. You then will need to search by name of the Business and location you would like to review. Click on the Listing then click "Write a Review". Fill out the review form and click submit. Please go back to and search the business again. Click into the business. If your review is not there please contact us.
    • If you would like to edit a review that you previously left you must first make sure that you are logged in. Then search the business and find your review. Then click the "Submit a Review" button again. This should bring up your original review and allow you edit it.
    • Neither consumers/nor business owners can delete reviews. To have a review deleted you must contact us.